Saturday, September 18, 2010

Bike love

I've been thinking of getting a bicycle for myself so that I can ride it to work or just riding it venturing the neighbourhood. Well, it's not that I hate walking everyday to work, it is after all a good morning exercise for me but if I have my own bicycle, I could actually reach to the office faster and vice versa when I wanna go home right? But the roads here in PJ and even in KL City are not exactly that friendly and with all the cars zooming so fast every single day, my safety would be at risk to ride a bicycle. Sometimes, I wish the roads here could be smaller and comfortable just like the roads back in Wanganui. It was soooo much fun to ride a bicycle there!

Anyway, I was browsing through mudah few days ago and found a few nice and affordable second hand bicycles for sale! Plus, they're all imported from Japan with nice designs. Some of it only cost about RM150 - RM350, so it is kinda affordable. I'm considering to get one myself but should I? I actually LOVE fixie bikes as well ever since I saw my friends Sky and Ming each having one (I think it might be just Ming) and have been riding it around in Auckland. 

The 3rd and 4th pictures are not fixies but they're pretty too :)

Love this drawing and the poster below

(source from: here & here)

Fixies cost quite a bomb so if I really want one, it'll take time for me to get enough amount of money to buy one. But it's just soooo pretty! I actually saw one outside the college, I guess it must've belonged to a tempted to steal it! Hahaha,  okay I'm just kidding. Weekend came way too fast and I still have gazillion things that I need to do including preparing a presentation slide for the big boss next week.  Bring it on, sleepless nights!

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okayarms said...

These kind of bicycles are so cute! heehe