Friday, September 03, 2010

KK/Tawau video montage pt. 1

After reading these blogs: here, here and here, I got a lil inspired to do a video montage myself so, I thought my trip back home to KK would be like an experiment for me to see if I can utilise my n00b skills in doing a really simple video montage. The outcome might not exactly be that good they said, practice makes perfect so I'm gonna do a part 2 soon :) iMovie is actually *not* that hard to use for a n00b person like me haha.

In this video, you'll be able to see scenes like Audrey being a carpenter, Arnold's pet tokek, me and my girlfriends having lunch in Hotel Novotel, super cute baby Lia laughing and saying the word "Habis", the two days Tawau trip which include going to the pasar, my oldest uncle birthday celebration and Lee family gathering plus few more others random scenes. Hope you'll like it :D The song is called Kids by MGMT.

Today's activity: Bazaar Ramadhan! But it's raining outside :( and...I've got two days left in KK :(((

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