Monday, September 27, 2010

L word

This was written on 25/09/2010

I think falling in love is a great feeling. You know, you get all the butterflies in your stomach when you see him/her, you flutter when that someone did something amazing/sweet or even declared his/her love for you. Yeah, all those kind of things you get when you fall in love. Amazing feeling right? (Well, not that I've actually truly experienced it before heh) But, we as human beings tend to create problems, sometimes those problems are not even necessary to be created just to screw up the wonderful relationship we had with our other half.

When the problems come, you probably start to have doubts or having a whole lot of 'what if' between you and your other half. Then you try to make your relationship work, but to no avail. Well, the point of me saying this can be a really simple thing. It's always out there available for us to receive and feel it. And once you are able to receive it, it can be something very...magical. Why do we need to complicate things with love right?

I've a good friend who's strong and manly on the outside but then when it comes to love, he always seem to be so fragile in it. I've totally no idea why. I just think that someone ought to knock some senses on his head and tell him that he should stop having too many doubts. I mean as a friend, I don't like seeing him get all emo and hurt but even if I tried to get some senses out of his head, he would still go back to having doubts/what I'm not exactly sure what else to do.

Love is not complicated at all. Were the ones who always screwing it up. Okay, you don't have to agree with everything I say here because clearly I ain't no Doctor Phil and I still have that non-exsistent love life -__- Just take it easy on love; no complications, no what I've said, it is always there available for us anytime, even if you've least expected.  The bible did say: Love is patient, love is kind.

Do I make sense?

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