Thursday, September 23, 2010

The other asian

I'm gonna turn my fan girl mode on for a while...

Here's another reason on why you should watch Glee. It's not only for the awesome music, or Mr. Schuester, or Sue Sylvester's funny sarcastic jokes, or how sweet Artie is and his awesome voice or how sexy Puck is when he  sings should also watch it because of Mike Chang! And his abs haha. ❤❤❤


Jayne said...

LOL! Awesome post, Vien! I especially liked this line from that first ep of Season 2: "He's into what I'm into. Like his abs." Hahahaha! Totally awesome! LOVE GLEE!!! And I love that Charice was on Glee! Love her voice! ^_^

Vivien Dumpangol said...

yay jayne! hi 5 for mike chang and his abs! glee season 2 is gonna be awesomeeeee!