Thursday, September 30, 2010

Brit & glee

After two episodes of Glee Season 2, I am already convinced that the coming episodes will be as awesome as the first two :)

In the first episode, the New Directions did a really impressive rendition of' Empire State Of Mind' and Mike Chang had more lines and screentime. Plus not forgetting his was actually the trending topic on Twitter hahaha. I'm glad the other glee casts got their own screentime as well instead of just making Rachel the centre of the attention.

Anyway, I also loved this week's Britney/Brittany episode! That Brittany sure knows how to dance and Santana, not only she's pretty but she really can sing well too. Loved it when the both of them did 'Me Against The Music' Their rendition of 'Toxic' where Mr. Shue performed with the rest of the Glee cast was equally good. Totally LOL when one of the students said, "Mr. Shue, let me be your Britney!" HAHAHA! I'm hoping for more awesome songs and... Mike Chang! Though I think Artie will get Tina back soon :( But it's alright, Artie's sweet as well.

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