Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Things in September

So I am back on the west side yo. Actually my flight back to KL turned out to be a not so good one. Was supposed to fly at 5.10pm on Sunday evening but then the flight got delayed for 45 minutes and I only reached LCCT at 8.30pm. As soon as the plane landed, the pilot said that there was something wrong with the plane’s brake hence he couldn’t bring the plane to park at the terminal. So, me and the rest of the passengers were stucked inside the airplane for another half an hour! WTF. You see, I was supposed to arrive home by 9pm but because of all these sheez that I’ve encountered, I only ended up reaching Sunway around 11.30pm. After a late dinner and one too many conversations with Ivan, I FINALLY reached home at 2.30am. Didn’t even realized it was that late haha but thankfully, I am still able to be in the office on time today and conduct my first class of the new semester.

Speaking of the new semester, as you know I am not flying back and forth to Penang anymore: D Well, at least for the time being. I think I really need a break from flying. Like seriously! My classes for the new semester are pretty flexible as well so maybe I will finally have the time to start painting again or read even and watch all the backdated movies that I’ve been wanting to watch. My first class of the semester was not so bad except for some technical problem *again* (i.e computer/projector is not working) why does this happen everytime when the new semester starts? Monday afternoon, I had Design 1 class and it was my first time meeting the new batch of students for this new semester. Was quite surprised that there were quite a number of Indonesian students and one of them actually reminds me of Adam Garcia (American Idol 8 finalist). 

Anyway, I might like this class 'cos the students actually laughed at my attempted funny jokes except for one, where I told 'em not to sleep during lecture time cos I'll incept them if they do....get it??? That's probably the lamest thing I've ever said to my students but hey, I gotta make some jokes you know, even if it's not funny... just to create a less tense atmosphere in the class and to let the students know that I can be cool too, sometimes hahaha. Kidding. I think in 3 weeks time, that particular class might unveil their true colours. So I'll just wait and see what's gonna happen next.

Currently in the midst of preparing tomorrow's class...not exactly the subject that I'm looking forward to teach but it's gonna be either going to Penang or taking the subject so I'm choosing the latter. Will this new semester be a good one? I'm not exactly sure, hopefully it'll be awesome though it is still way too early to predict. Ohhh, I'm excited to know that all my current favourite shows are back with new season this month starting with this:


Season 2 premieres tomorrow! Well, technically it's gonna be on Friday here since US time is a day late. Blogged about this show a year ago here...didn't put any high expectation on it but after watching the first episode, I am officially hooked and soon my cousins were hooked too AND now, everybody seems to be on team Damon Salvatore.


Okay, I know sharing is caring heh. Then there's Gossip Girl, How I Met Your Mother, 90210 and Grey's Anatomy...all premiering soon! Can't freaking wait. Okay, my eyes are killing me again and I can't find my my EyeMo. KK/TWU pictures will be up soon!

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