Thursday, October 28, 2010

New is always better?

Seven years ago, in the month of October, I went to my first ever rock concert with 6 of my college seniors. We went to Linkin Park's concert which was held in Stadium Merdeka was beyond awesome! Good times, good times :)

This brand new video of LP is probably my most favourite among all the videos they've released. Like I've said before, I have big respect for musicians who are not just musically talented but also artistically talented as well and Linkin Park is one of 'em. I'm still hoping that I will get to see Mike Shinoda's artworks with my own pair of eyes one day heh. Anyway, I absolutely LOVE this video. It's probably got to do with my current obsession with geometric shapes aside from owls that is :) It's beautifully done, the colours, effects...just made the entire video so much more awesome.

Watch the making of Waiting For The End here.

I think people would find LP's new album a little bit different from their previous ones. When they first came out, they were probably one of the bands who introduced nu-metal genre and they've generated a huge fan base because of this. But I guess, everyone needs a change sometimes. Trying and experiment something new instead of doing the same thing over and over again. I mean, eventually music will always evolve from time to time right? My say is, if you claim yourself as a huge ardent fan of a certain artiste or band, you'll still gonna support their music even if they've changed their direction or experimented with new stuffs on their music. That's what you call a true fan is, no?

I liked what Mike Shinoda has written on his own point of view about people who get mixed feelings on LP's new album:

Taken from his blog (
...Clearly, a collection of “hit singles” is a better reason to buy a whole album than a concept record.) Radio singles still sell an album. A concept album requires a leap of faith on the listener’s part. The whole “sell out” argument is wholly illogical.

...So why did we make such a big change? “What happened to the real Linkin Park?” We’re still here. We look and sound different, but the intention behind the music is the same as it has been since day one: in the studio, we are constantly in search of new sounds that excite and inspire us.

...The truth is, we’re believers that good, honest art will triumph at the end of the day. But the measure of real success isn’t sales, numbers, and chart position. It’s about a connection with a dedicated fan base and a chance to introduce people to a fresh new sound.

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