Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Dream a little dream

The past few nights, I've been having a few random and bizarre dreams. I've no idea why and to tell you the truth, I never actually liked dreaming but then, we can't control our minds while we are sleeping no? Except if you ask Leo DiCaprio to incept you hahahaha...okay not funny. Anyway, during one of the nights where my bizarre dream occurred, I had a dream about my Thai friend Tang, and also my grad school seniors Dee Dee and Ken. Funny thing was, in that dream, Tang totally changed his entire image; mohawk hair, skinny jeans and he was wearing a high knee man boots. He's usually a jeans and t-shirt guy btw. So when we saw him with his new image, Dee Dee didn't want to say hello to him at all! LMAO.

I haven't seen Tang for 2 years  now so it was kinda random to have him inside my dream :P But then it's probably because I was browsing through some old NZ photos last week and it made me thought of my NZ classmates. I miss those happier, carefree times...seriously! Now reality is biting me hard, sometimes way too hard which resulted me to always have to fix my sad, pathetic heart :( Oh well...

I'd like to share some more unpublished photos during my stay in Wanganui, NZ. These photos were taken by my closest friend/housemate, Raden using our school's DSLR camera during Autumn season in year 2007. More to come...I'll post it from time to time :)

I'm actually missing this a lot! Doing assignments and projects in the computer lab until the wee hours of morning :) Lab is open 24/7 hence we could just stay in the lab as long as we want. But it can be REALLY cold during winter time and the worst part is, the lab has no heater at all. The only thing we had to depend for heat is the Mac's G5 CPU. Why am I so grumpy???
This is me wearing my dad's vintage biker jacket while doing my Degree Project. I miss my long hair too hehe.
A better visual on how the computer lab looks like.
Drawn by a kiwi student. 
Raden working on her Typography assignment.

I don't know why but the sky always looked amazing in NZ.

Here we are in Victoria Street posing in front of this mini waterfall. 

The student flat. Miss this place a lot too.
The boys playing football.
Tang in blue.
I walk to school everyday, sometimes if we're lucky and on time, we would take the free bus ride to school and sometimes, when my friends are generous, they would borrow me their bicycle too. But walking to school every morning has been something that I loved doing. The senior citizens are nice cos they always greet me a 'Good Morning'  whenever I bumped into them:)))

Yeap, this is our school :) Awesome architecture ey?

Wanganui doesn't have a big ass mall like what you can find in KL. But you are still able to find nice clothes to buy there. Here we are in this retail store called Farmers. Aini, another close friend/housemate was seen buying something...can't really remember what it was.

And lastly, this is me trying on a Houndstooth pattern hat :) 


Anonymous said...

i LOVE the hat... did you buy it?

Anonymous said...

btw, the above comment is from me ~simone~

Ivan Ho said...

like the fotos

Vivien Dumpangol said...

mone: teda beli the cap but nice kan?

ivan: yeah, those were taken by DSLR camera but blogger compressed the photos so the quality not so nice in the blog :)