Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Have a little faith

If we always have faith in God and believe in Him regardless of what religion we are, then why should we be influenced by what others might think of religion and God right? I mean, I know different people has different beliefs, some do believe in the existence of God, some believes that the world is created through science and some just don't think there's a God out there. They're all just mere opinions made by us. Well, my opinion is, if we already have a strong faith on what we believe in, then that is all what matters and it is our faith that makes us strong.

When we talk about religion and God, it sure will be an never-ending debate. Like I've said, people can have different point of views but if you already know what you believe in, don't let those opinions influence you.

P/S: I know I might not be the best Catholic person, after all I am a sinner too but despite being a sinner, I try my best to never lose my faith.


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capat jugaaaa! hahaha...amen. i'm dedicating this post to someone bah...cos dia lama suda tidak pigi church haha.