Monday, October 25, 2010

Now i'm feeling so fly like a G6

It's been a while since I had a fun night one with the people I love :) Big thanks to Ivan for letting me, my cousins and besties to join in the fun celebrating MK and Kenny's birthday in G6. For the record, I only drank 1 and a half glass of beer and 1 small glass of tequila shot. Couldn't consume too much alco because you know how easy I can become a lobster right? So yeah, I did partied responsibly :D So don't start giving me that shifty eyes look yeah?

After 2am, everybody gets a lil crazier haha. I remembered singing Bruno Mars' Just The Way You Are so loudly, Ken hugged almost everybody, Merl wanted to steal a beer from a dude and Eve got so hyper and danced non-stop and, when we went back to our hotel, she kept saying "Oh Shit!" LOL.

Photos in no particular order with minimal words. Some photos were taken from Simone's cam. Enjoy!

Yeah man!
Who says a high school teacher and a lecturer can't have some fun?
Childhood friends FTW!

This is us trying to some Lady Gaga moves based on her Bad Romance song haha.

Met a Hong Kong model in the club as well.

Old college buddies reunited!


maslight said...

Fun nite love em photos ;D

Vivien Dumpangol said...

indeed, it was fun hehe :D