Wednesday, October 06, 2010


Spent my Sunday night crying over the same problems again and the first two days of this brand new week wasn't that great either. Not liking Mondays for this semester because my class starts at 9.30am and trying to wake up early has always been a torture for me. Tuesday, I had a sudden migraine attack in the morning combined with a runny nose. Been sneezing non-stop, I've probably sneezed 50 times max. Oh well, shit happens but life goes on right? Plus life's too short to have too many hatred and rage so that little statement below this post serves as my reminder every now and then :)

Today should be a better day for me and I should be happy because today is also my big bro's birthday. I guess it is a day worth to be happy for no? Another year older, hopefully you will still be blessed with more awesomeness and maybe it is time to find someone special too heh. So last Sunday, right after Sunday mass I practically rushed back to Pyramid to catch the 1.30pm show of Charlie St. Cloud. Been wanting to watch that movie because *cough* Zac Efron is in it haha *cough* You should know by now that I'm one of Zac Efron's fan girls :P Anyway, for me the movie was's a little slow and I might think the storyline could be improved. Read few reviews on that movie online and most of it says that it wasn't great but I do agree with the reviews when they said that Zac Efron could be the next rising star cos acting was pretty good there. A nice transition from his High School Musical Era I must say.

You can't really expect too much out of this movie but I liked the message that has been delivered in it. It says if you were a given a second chance to live, you should do good to that way, you would find happiness. Yeah, something like that. So you can give this movie a try if you want :) There was a tween who sat beside me who cried during the scene where Charlie's brother passed away in the road accident and squeals with joy when she saw Zac Efron shirtless in that movie hahaha. I guess her fan girl level must be more extreme than mine huh?

Well, work's been alright but I have TONS of things to grade at the moment :( Hope October will be good for all of us :) I'm looking forward for my besties to come over here in two weeks time and also the weekend trip to PD at the end of the month with the colleagues! It's gonna be awesome, I hope :)

High 5 if you like Zac Efron as well!

Now he looks like a younger version of Brad Pitt♡
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