Wednesday, October 27, 2010

That awesome weekend part 1

After a night full of fun, it was time for us to repent hahaha so we went to St. Anthony's Church in Jalan Pudu for Sunday Mass last week. It was actually my second time going to that particular church and fyi, it was one of the oldest church in KL. It's already 100 years old but still can't beat St. Mike in Penampang bah :P Anyway, I loved the whole architecture of this church; actually I LOVE looking at old know like those that you can find in Europe. There's a lot of stories that you can tell just by observing all the details there. Plus not forgetting the awesome paintings that you'll be able to see! One day Sistine Chapel, I will visit you.

Being angelic and all haha.
Seeing Kadazan words here in KL makes me happy!
We headed over to Sungei Wang to do more shopping after that. By shopping, I meant only Simone and Eve...I had to refrain myself from buying anything eventhough there's a lot of affordable stuffs there. Planning to go there again but then, I hate going down to KL on weekends. Seriously, with all the crowds and all...not exactly my cup of tea.

Having my besties over the weekend was indeed a blessing. It took my mind off from a lot of my personal problems that has been in my head for weeks. I told them that it was nice to be able to hang out with just girls cos it's been a while since I did that. The last time was back in August while I was in back in KK. But good things always need to come to an end. I had a really good weekend but when I reached home and went inside my tiny room, reality hits back again :/

It's been quite hard for me to feel happy these days. I guess I got too caught up with my problems that I think about it everyday without fail whenever I'm in my room and alone. I REALLY wish things would be better soon. As for now, life has to go on right?

P/S: My birthday wishes to my cuzzie Amirah! She turned 19 today. Have tons of fun and love you much budak kici.


Santafire said...

nice! i bangga the banner!
btw what lomo u use 8D?

Vivien Dumpangol said...

hehe ya bah...happy ni sya nampak the banner. oh, i'm not using any lomo cam...though i wished i did hehe...actually i downloaded this software that can make your digital photos into analog-like. real fun to use :)

download it here: