Friday, October 29, 2010

That awesome weekend part 2

I've known Eve since I was 10 years old hence she is also one of my oldest childhood friends. I got to know her when we became classmates in Standard 4,  that was way back in 1994. We sat next to each other together with some of our other friends including Carmela (Evor's sister), Sharon, Audrey and also Nelson M (he's a really good looking guy...and still is until now, but unfortunately he's married boo! LOL)

Remember back then when you had to choose the club or organisation to join  for extra curricular activites after school? Well, Eve and I both joined St. John Ambulance cos we thought it was much cooler than Red Cresent and our uniforms are nicer as well heheh. Simone was a Girl Guide back then. Didn't chose to join Girl Guide because I just felt it was too girly for me :P No offence ah, Momone hehe.

Anyway, we (Eve and I) also did joined swimming classes together and despite having a fierce swimming instructor, we had a hell load of fun joining the class. That's how we get to learn how to swim the proper way :) After knowing how to swim, I became a swim addict. I'll go to Kompleks Penampang every Sunday without fail with my dad accompanying me and swim like there's no tomorrow. Man, I actually did lost tons of weight because of that BUT's another different story -___- Gained way too much weight, FML!

Actually it's been way too long since I went for a swim...I would love to go swimming in the pool at my condo but I don't think it's save at all when there's a lot of foreigners lurking around trying to find their prey. But last Saturday when I stayed in KL with Eve and Simone, we managed to go for a swim and even got the pool all by ourselves! It was just like old times for me and Eve heheh.
Our failed attempt to perform synchronised swimming.
Like I've said, the pool belonged to us that day :)
Ada orang pandai guna wireless internet di hp suda hahaha.
We would've swam a little longer but there was this Arab dude who keeps passing through with a smirk on his face while looking at us. It was really disturbing so we decided to just go back into the hotel room and get ready to head down to Subang. We tried speaking Kadazan to each other so that the Arab dude wouldn't understand a word we were saying but Eve and I have a very limited vocab on Kadazan language so...that kinda failed as well haha.

My my, how time flies. Eve and Simone was just here last week! Kinda felt like they just left yesterday haha. Anyway, this weekend I'll be going down to Port Dickson (my first time going there) with my collegues. I don't really know what to expect...seems like my excitement kinda died a little bit but still, I hope it's gonna be awesome. I will be DEAD busy the whole month of November so I guess I should enjoy and have more fun before the brand new month arrives in a few more days! Wow, I've been blogging like everyday this week. That's good progress haha. Have a blessed weekend everyone. Stay safe!

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simone said...

The truth and nothing but the truth? I have no idea why I joined the Girl Guide. I think I only joined 2 or 3 of the meetings and never showed up anymore. Definitely not into these things perhaps. And by the way, guna wireless through phone pun kena ajar hehe...