Monday, November 01, 2010

Birthday boy

picture courtesy of Simone Rebecca
My birthday wishes to my good friend Ivan Ho, who turned 27 today! To be honest, he looks nothing like a 27 year old fact he can still pass as a student no kidding! Like yesterday, when we went for Sunset Mass in St. Ignatius, a youngster approached him and asked him to join the Youth Rally Bible Camp this coming December. The age limit to join the Youth Rally is until 24 years old but I bet that youngster still thought that Ivan is still a college student hahaha.

It's good that he can maintain how he looks until now and also to be young at heart :) So, Happy Birthday! May you be blessed with another fruitful year and more awesomeness to come. Have fun and God Bless always! XOXO


Ivan Ho said...

because im very naive, thats y ppl thought i am very young...

Vivien Dumpangol said...

not naive're quite wise for your age...maybe just the outlook. but it's good cos some ppl at 27 oredi look like uncle hahah.