Monday, December 13, 2010

Blue sky weekend

I know the past entires in my blog were all kinda 'meh'. It's because I didn't had the time to sit and think of a proper entry due to the fact that I am busy trying to finish all the gradings and after that I have to start doing this task, which I don't even know if I have the time to complete it before I fly back home. Work hasn't been that productive for me...I guess it's because of the holiday season. This week might be a stressful week I reckon. *sigh*

Brought some of my work back to do during the weekend although I tried not to do so much because you're supposed to chill, hang out with family and friends during the weekend right? And so, I did just that :) Merl was staying over again so we went to watch The Social Network on Saturday night. Pretty good movie I must say but I really felt like punching Jesse Einsberg (who acted as Mark Zuckerberg) everytime he was on screen hahaha. I don't know if Mark Zuckerberg was really like that it real life...but from what I see, he's kinda like a doucebag... but a rich one.

Sunday, went for the usual morning mass and then went down to Annexe Gallery in Pasar Seni to have a look at the Art For Grabs event. The last Art For Grabs event I went was two years ago...and it's been quite a while since I visited Annexe Gallery. I'm sure you know thatI never really like going down to KL on weekends right?
The newly revamped Little India. Very colourful and the roads are way better too.

Managed to buy some cool stuffs at the bazaar...if only money wasn't that tight, I would've bought more :/
The weather was insanely hot yesterday but I absolutely love the clear blue sky.

I'll try to blog more if I can manage to finish all my work aight. I recommend watching The Social Network! It's good. Justin Timberlake's acting skill was not so bad at all...didn't actually liked his hair though because it reminded me of his N'Sync era.
Andrew Garfield (right) is hottttt! Did you know that he's gonna be in Spiderman 4 as Peter Parker?

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