Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve

It's Christmas Eve today and I've already been home for 2 days and so far, it has been good! Been catching up with sleep on my first day back, helped mum with a little house chores (washing the dishes especially) and hung out with the cuzzies next door.

All of us including my bro but, excluding Arnold went out to do a lil Christmas shopping and had dinner/supper at Upperstar Damai. Haven't been doing this for a while :) Will have a Christmas Eve bbq next door with the cousins tonight...if you want free beers, do come over haha. Will blog more soon! Christmas Eve's mass will be at 10pm tonight. Hope I won't fall asleep in church later hahaha.


Aminah Ambrose said...

May u all have a blessed n joyous Christmas n a Happy New Year.

Ivan Ho said...

xavier gone plum, his face very look like your father. oliver goes good, i think jay comes KL can put him on diet