Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas list oh ten

I've been doing this annually, listing out the things that I would love to get for Christmas or for my birthday. I've actually listed down about 10 items in my daily planner, but then I decided to pick only 5 because I don't wanna be selfish and all lah haha. Managed to get some of the items from last year's list and hopefully I will be able to get all of these soon :) So here goes:

1. Lomo camera + films.
Last year I wanted a CMYK version of Diana F+, but I've changed my mind cos this Qing Hua version is even more nicer! Very oriental-ish, I like! I also love the Rip Curl's version of Fish Eye 2 camera. I thought I could get one this month but like I've said, money's been tight.

I don't mind getting a lomo film either. At least I can use it for my Ultra Wide Lens Supaheadz camera.

2. Books
Can't get enough of 'em though I still have tons of unread books in my room hahaha.

3. Watch
Swatch watch with houndstooth pattern! Saw it last weekend in Pyramid. I also love this Casio vintage watch (as you can see below)

4. Accessories

5. CDs
John Legend & The Roots - Wake Up
Brandon Boyd - The Wild Trapeze

Well that's pretty much about it :) I've finally finished doing my gradings early this morning and when I submitted all the scorelist, I felt a true sense of relieve...but it kinda lasted only for a while because right now, I still have to tackle down the rest of the pending tasks. Just one more week to go!


Santafire said...

sa pun mau film oh.

the click shop bagi free expired films per entry. mau pigi knun tapi tia tau camna =_=

Vivien Dumpangol said...

ya bah...i'll try to get one of the lomo film juga. mau test how is it...hopefully can shoot some nice scenery in kk.