Thursday, December 09, 2010

Incubus Christmas

Back in October Incubus traveled to South America to play 4 shows and take a break from writing songs for their new album. While they were in Santiago they played a special show to benefit the families of the miners who had been trapped underground. It was truly a special night for the 1800 fans in attendance. And now, finally the rest of the band's fans around the world can get a look at what was going on that night. We hope you enjoy it.
via Steve Rennie on Vimeo.

I watched this video early this morning after reading a tweet from Brandon Boyd and dang, I wished I was there to watch the band perform. By the look of this video, I reckon it was an awesome performance, Brandon Boyd's hotness has gone to the maximum level and I LOVED how they use an orchestra to perform Brandon's solo song, 'Runaway Train' too. This video is about 25 minutes long but if you're an Incubus fan, go watch it!

Been pretty busy since it's the last week of the semester and all. I'm sort of sick at the moment, currently having a slight runny nose. Not a good thing to happen at times like this. Anyway, I just hope I can finish most of my pending tasks soon! Today was my last class for the semester and it was also the final project submission for my FA class. It was also my evaluation day, meaning a senior lecturer comes into the class and observe how I handle my students. Well, turns out  only 10 out of 30 students came on time to submit their work today! Butul-butul inda takut mati bah diorang ni ishhh! So I had to give them a little motivational talk eventhough I didn't want to because I am sick and all (but there was a senior lecturer in my class so I had no choice hahaha). Told the students that not being able to arrive on time is BAD especially during their final project submission. Well, let's just hope I did knock some senses in their head.  Anyone going for Arts For Grabs in Annexe Gallery this weekend?

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