Monday, December 06, 2010

Weekend wrap up

Merl came and stayed over at my place over the weekend. It was good to have a company in my room once in a while seeing that my housemates are not always at home. They're like ninjas! Sometimes you see 'em and sometimes you don't. Well, mostly I don't see them at all. Anyway, we went out for drinks with Ivan on Saturday night and stayed up till 5am talking and making plans for the ultimate intervention that Merl and I are planning to do once we are back in KK haha...hope it'll work! We went to the morning mass the next day after only having less than four hours of sleep. Man, I don't think I can stay up late that often anymore. My youth energy are long gone *sigh*

After lunch, we went back home to have lazy chill out Sunday and that was when I came up with the idea to do a real simple weekend craft :) Actually I was inspired to do this after reading a few awesome blogs like this and this. I was thinking that for Christmas this year, I don't want to buy any Christmas wrappers (because I still have A LOT back home) and do a little DIY on wrapping gifts cos I reckon it'll be more meaningful and sincere right? So I decided to do this. It's really simple, even a kid can do it too :) 

What you need are these basic stuffs.
Brown paper (you can get it from any bookstores).
Ribbon (actually I wanted to buy a brown vintage string...but I can't find it anywhere so this ribbon will do at the moment).
Fancy tapes ( got these from Kinokuniya bookstore. But there's a lot in Daiso as well).

Rubber stamps. You can do this yourself. All you gotta do is to buy erasers and wood carving tools. You can use your own creativity to carve anything you want. I wanted to carve something Christmas-y like a snow man or a Christmas tree but, I'll just use what I have at the moment first :P. You also need a stamp pad as well.

Stamp the design unto the brown paper to create a repeating pattern. Wrap your gift with the paper and use the ribbon to tie it up.

Here's the result :) Easy peasy right? You can also use recycled paper/art card to make a small gift tag as well.

This is an actual gift that I'm giving for Oliver and Anne. So you guys shall receive this when I'm back!

Last week of the semester! So many things to do...grading, grading and more grading! I still hope this week will be good though. Maybe I should do this weekend craft thing more huh?


Aminah Ambrose said...

Wow. TQ for sharing your creative tips and also environment friendly. This is better and more personal and I am sure the recipient will be so happy and delighted to receive your present as it is done with love and personal touch..<3

Ivan Ho said...

it is time to use your fancy sailor tab.

Vivien Dumpangol said...

@ivan: haha yesss...finally can use it.