Wednesday, January 12, 2011



Apparently, this year there seems to be a lot of international acts coming down here for a concert! And I don't mind attending all of it, IF my moolah is giving me the green light haha. There's MGMT, Deftones (I don't mind going to see them with my bro), Mary J. Blige, Michael Buble (THIS I WANNA GO) , Justin Bieber (WHOA....THIS I WANNA GO TOO haha) and Maroon 5! Definitely gonna attend Maroon 5's concert! Been a fan since their debut album, Songs About Jane came out. Have you seen how Adam Levine looks like these days? Loving his full sleeve tattoos and his stubble of course :DDD Yes, I am typing this like a fangirl hahaha.

Anyway, I haven't been eating out for a while hoping to save some money, but it's kinda impossible now seeing that there are sales everywhere and I'm kinda an impulse buyer at times like this :( It's gonna take A LOT of willpower to refrain myself from buying stuffs! Not to say that I'm a shopaholic, but more to an impulse buyer heh. Just gonna try my best to save so that I'm able to attend to all the concerts, if not probably just 1 or two.


simone said...

I don't mind going for Mary J. Blige and Michael Buble. MGMT and Deftones, sepa oh tu?

Vivien Dumpangol said...

mary j. blige and buble kinda mahal but i don't mind going for buble cos i like his music too. bieber u don't want to go ka???? hahhaa...mgmt, is a band. they play good music too. deftones, kira veteran band juga ni. since kita high school ada suda tu. kind of hard rock band la.

Sandra said...

Oooo...smua best2 dtg KL :(
wish I cud attend ALL the concerts :(