Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Bruno bruno bruno

Lisa Unger (via quote-book)
I currently have a blogger's block. It's like I have things to blog about but I seem to find it hard to put it in words. Apologies for the lack of update. I shall resume to blogging once this blogger's block is gone. In the meantime, I still update my tumblr on regular basis :) 

Been quite bust with work too...tons of paperwork to be done to prepare for another audit visit so life's been pretty normal these days. All I do when I'm home is to watch TV shows. Lots of 'em! Currently watching the last season of Ugly Betty and I'm loving it so far! Other than that, I really need tons of motivation to do things (like losing weight and start painting again -___-)

On the side note, Bruno Mars is coming down to Malaysia on April 10th! I WILL NOT MISS THIS!

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