Monday, January 03, 2011

Two thousand eleven

Highlights in 2010 
(well, just some of it)

  • Lectured in Penang every week for 2 whole semesters, that's equivalent to 8 whole months.
  • Went to Ne-Yo's concert in Sunway Lagoon. 
  • Went to Usher's concert with the cousins in Bukit Jalil Stadium.
  • Went to Arthur's Day concert for the second time.
  • Attended church camp.
  • Travelled back home for 4 times.
  • Officially became a Gleek.
  • Started to have a fascination over owls.
  • Tried painting more but totally failed to do so -__-
  • Went for a few karaoke sessions with my cousins and few good friends.
  • Watched the World Cup.
  • Participated in The Sketchbook Project.
  • Had a fun time clubbing with the cousins in KL.
  • Spent one of the best weekends with my two girlfriends in KL and clubbed with them as well.
  • Had been questioning my feelings, A LOT.
  • Learned to forgive.
  • Learned to let go of my inner rage.
  • Learned not to be too envious over people and things.
  • Saw a pervert uncle flashing his you-know-what at a coffeeshop one sunny afternoon.
  • Visited relatives in mum's hometown, Tawau and also saw my late uncle for the last time.
  • Gained a few new friends.
  • Gained weight FML.
  • Celebrated my birthday with the cousins.
  • Road trip to the tip of Borneo.
  • Played bowling with the cousins where Anne and I fell down flat while trying to retrive a bowling ball. Best combo EVER.
  • Played charades with the cousins on Christmas Day and also during New Year.
  • Made a really simple cheese cake for the first time.
  • Celebrated the coming of year 2011 with my cousins *again*
For me, I kinda liked 2010. Although I didn't do much, no travelling outside of Malaysia, not so much achievements, have not found love yet pffft...but the whole year has been pretty good. I would say, year 2010 feels like a calm year for me. I realised that I've gone a bit crazy on my inner rage during the first half of the year but slowly, I've learned to accept things. Learned to forgive and try to love more instead.  Most importantly, I've also learned to believe that goodness will come when I have faith in GOD. Lots of happiness and sadness but still I am blessed to have quite a good year :)

This year, I won't make any resolutions because let's face it, I have a real hard time fulfilling even one resolution! But I wanna do a lot of stuffs so I sort of made a list of things to do before I turn another year older. I think having this list would be easier and it is also a challenge for me to see how many things that I can do in 365 days. My future is still pretty much undecided yet. I'm not sure how long should I stay working in this field or when can I finally continue my studies again. I know I should at least think about it seeing that I am not getting younger anymore....but I'm gonna give myself two more years and within these two years, I hope I will eventually go into the right path.

So, Happy New Year! May 2011 bring us more awesomeness and heaps of good blessing. Whatever goals or resolutions that you have made, I hope you are able to fulfill it too. Here's to a legen...wait for it...dary year!

Check out my belated birthday gifts that I received today from my collegues. I LOVE it. Thank you!
Animals gift tags! Owl included hahaha. Love the illustration!
Notebook from Korea. Definitely loving the cover!

Today was the first day of the brand new semester and I gotta say, I arrived college totally unprepared for my class. Had too much fun in KK and ignored all my works haha. Fret not, I will be fully recharge *hopefully* by next week.

P/S: If I were to choose my favourite song in year 2010, it would be Teenage Dream by Katy Perry. Not exactly a fan of her but I absolutely love that song.

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