Tuesday, March 01, 2011


Yesterday during lunch hour, my collegue said this:

"I wonder who's gonna be that douchebag to go and queue up just to take a photo with the Champions League trophy,"

Well, that douchebag ladies and gentlemen, would be me hahahaha. Yes, I did queue up just to take a photo with the trophy. I am lame like that. And it's not even like I am crazy over football. Like I've said before, I know a few things about it but not to the point until I am gonna devote myself to watch football matches every weekend. But since I had the opportunity to take a photo with the Champs League trophy, I thought hey, why not? It's probably gonna be a once in a lifetime chance right? If you can still remember, back in 2008, Manchester United won the Champions League title against Chelsea. That match was pretty tensed and poor John Terry, he just had to miss the penalty kick haha.

I also remembered watching the final match between AC Milan and Liverpool, back when I was still studying in NZ. I had to wake up super early and joined the rest of my guy friends and watched the match in Tang and Tee's house because they had cable TV. Man, I really miss them a lot! So, here's a proof of me holding the Champions League trophy, though I think the trophy might be a replica one because when I was holding it, it seems to be quite light. Does it supposed to be that light?

I wished they would hire a better photographer too. Not exactly satisfied with the photo but since it's free, I just gotta accept it lah.

I went in to Daiso after that and do you know Daiso can be so evil at times? You tend to buy stuffs tht you don't actually need like this ceramic owl in  this photo! BUT I really like it and according to the label, it says that in Japan, owls and racoons are known as animals bringing good luck. So I bought it :D

Not sure if it can really bring me luck but I'm putting it on top of all my art and design books. Maybe it can help me bring luck? Oh, if you look closely you will see George Clooney staring at you. I love that vintage James Bond postcard that I got from joining postcrossing.com It's from a random stranger from Switzerland.

I also bought this mini blackboard because...err, I like it too! Anyway, I REALLY need to save money and not to misuse it in any circumstances because if I don't save, I won't have enough $$$ for my Jakarta trip. So me and some of my colleagues, who will be travelling this year had made a pact that our lunch expenses can only be RM5 everyday. Not sure if we can do it but we shall see yeah?

I had a pretty good weekend last week. I managed to watch two movies, one was No Strings Attached and on Sunday, I watched The Black Swan. Both has Natalie Portman in it. After watching The Black Swan, I didn't know how exactly I felt about the movie hahaha. It's just so dark and it was definitely not  a feel good kind of movie. But on the other hand, Natalie Portman was amazing. No wonder she can win the best actress on this year's Academy Awards. Well, hope you guys had a good weekend too. Work's been okay but jeez, I can't seem to complete all my tasks! Here's to another brand new month :)


My Owl Barn said...

I have the exact same owl. My mom bought it for me knowing I'll love his big wide eyes :) Have a great day!

Vivien Dumpangol said...

yay! i LOVE your blog by the way. so many owl stuffs!