Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Dear Jess

Now's your time to leave us for Melbourne and just like the rest of the cousins, I am going to miss you too. I wish you the best as you're opening yet another brand new chapter in life in the land down under. I wish you will ace your studies and bring back that scroll of Masters Degree so that we can be proud of your achievement. I wish you will have an amazing time over there, make heaps of new friends, learn the Aussie accent, enjoy laying around the beautiful beach of St. Kilda, take tons of photos of the new places that you are going to venture and well, basically just have a real good time there.

No doubt I will always miss your randomness, lame jokes and crazy antics that all of us got so used to and not forgetting your room in Dabak, being the central room for all of us to hang out. I will also miss all the talks we had, especially those talks regarding about our future and goals in life. Also not forgetting all the outings that we went together whenever I'm back home, the YOYO session, Upperstar and BTC for the awesome teh tarik!

Maybe I might disagree with you in some points or maybe I've done something wrong to you in the past, but just so you know, you are still my family/sister/cousin plus one of my best friends, always. Nothing can ever change that. You will be missed and hopefully you are able to come back during your summer holidays so that all of us can celebrate Christmas together again this year :) We love you, take care, God Bless and Au Revoir.

P/S: If money and time allows, I shall *try* to visit you in 2012!

Hugs & Kisses,

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