Friday, February 11, 2011

Glee lightning

Everytime I watch Glee, I tend to get a little bit obsessed with Mike Chang. If you were to ask me which celebrity that I want to be my valentine...that'll be him hahahaha. But, who am I kidding right? Artie's really good in singing MJ songs, though of course nobody can beat the real MJ. I mean his voice and dance moves are still pretty much unbeatable. But it's good to have these younger generations who can appreciate him :)

Loved this week's episode of Glee! I also like it when Blaine sang an old Robin Thicke's song, 'When I get You Alone' (watch the vid in youtube and you'll see how Robin Thicke resemble Jesus back in the day haha) and not forgetting the Paul McCartney's 'Silly Love Song' at the end of the episode. I reckon he's gonna fall in love with Kurt soon!

I'm soooo looking forward to the weekend now and bought this to add in my owl collection :) Have a great weekend everyone. Stay safe.

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