Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Just the way you are

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I'm pretty sure everyone has listened to Bruno Mars' Just The Way You Are right? Amazing song and his good vocals earned him a Grammy recently. I guess most girls (including yours truly) would love it if there's one guy who are able to sing and serenade them with that song. Well, in my case I want the REAL Bruno Mars to sing it to me heh. Somehow we kinda can relate to the song, in a way. I mean it is nice for a guy to appreciate you for who you are, not just the physical part (eg. the eyes, hair, lips) although in reality, the physical part seems to be more important right?

But it would be nice if for once, a guy can appreciate other things that a girl would do for a him or even accepting the girl for being just the way she is. Like what the lyric said "You know I never ask you to change/If perfect is what you're looking for then just stay the same." And then there are other more simple things a guy should learn to appreciate like, when a girl takes care of you when you're sick, be there for you through the ups and downs, willing to stay up late just to have random conversations, remembering your birthday and even made an effort to make a handmade card, etc. I just think that little things like this shouldn't be forgotten and if your guy are this type of person, then he's probably a keeper. So do appreciate the girls for being just the way they are :D

P/S: I'm really not good with words, seriously! But I hope this post-Valentine's Day post does make sense hehe.

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