Thursday, February 24, 2011

Show me how you burlesque

Decided to go and watch a movie in the cinema since it has been a while...last movie that I've watched in the cinema was Social Network and that was like 3 months ago. So I went to watch Burlesque on last Sunday, all alone after hanging out in Salam Salam Cafe with my cousins. Mierah kindly asked me if I wanted to watch The Rite with her plus her boyfriend but I politely declined giving her the reason that being the lampost between them is not exactly what I wanted to do hahaha.

I didn't put any high expectations on the movie itself because I've read reviews on it and the bunch of movie critics said that it was just a so-so movie. Well as for my opinion, it was amazing! I loved it minus the storyline of course. It's a little cliché, you know...a small town girl moved to the big city, trying to make it big and then when she's sort of famous, she tends to forget about the people who cared about her bla bla. The storyline wasn't that bad at all, it's just that you've probably seen it in a lot of chick flicks. BUT the performance, songs, clothes and those really slim toned up ladies totally made up for the movie. Seriously, it makes you feel like you wanna be part of them :) I could watch this movie for the second time for the performance and Cam Gigandet of course. That guy is smoking hot!

Christina Aguilera's acting was not that bad either and Kirsten Bell, thumbs up for acing that bitchy role plus she looked nice with dark hairdo as well. Anyway, I hope that I'm not the only one who felt kinda freaked out after staring at Cher too much. I mean, she like 60 now? and her face doesn't even have any wrinkles at all and maybe it because her eyes are too close to each other, that's probably the reason why I feel a little scared looking at her on screen. So my next movies in line: Black Swan,  The King's Speech and 127 Days.


Santafire said...

127 hours baitu XD last year lagi ni movie, i wonder what took them so long to release it here. sudah tingu ni knun.

ah sa pun mau watch burlesque soon^^

Vivien Dumpangol said...

haha yeah, last year lagi sudah keluar tu movie kan? dunno why la sini memang slalu lambat keluar. even burlesque took 3 months to sampai sini. i could've just downloaded 127 hours but mau tingu james franco on big screen juga hahaha.

Santafire said...

yeah! james franco is awesome!