Friday, March 11, 2011


So after much waiting, the deeds of Bruno's concert is here! Please, I need somebody to go with me. I'm serious!

more info here

Sorry, I have been neglecting this blog for a while, I kept posting random stuffs. I've been BUSY, and still dealing with my screwed up sleeping time :( Life's been quite mundane so there's nothing much interesting going on these days. I REALLY wanna go to Michael Buble's concert this Sunday but I have to say no to this one. Lent season is here. What are you planning to give up on? I'm trying to give up on meat, though it might be hard cos I love 'em meats hehe. But I'll do it every Friday. No shopping or impulse shopping to be precise, cut down on my consumption of caffeine, and just be nice to everyone :) On the other note, I miss home. I miss my family a lot! Okay, off to class...

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