Tuesday, March 08, 2011


You know, it's quite rare for me to watch a movie like The Fighter because as I've mentioned before, I'm all into romantic comedies and chick flicks so I'm pretty surprised as well on why I decided to watch this movie yesterday. But I'm glad I did because this movie was GOOD. Really really good. I've never really watched a boxing movie before, well maybe Rocky 1 but that was like a long time ago and I can't even remember what was the movie all about hahaha and I've never watched Million Dollar Baby before as well. I guess the reason why I loved The Fighter was because the plot wasn't all about somebody who's trying to be a successful boxer but it also implements everyday family drama in it. Guess that makes the whole movie so much more interesting to watch.

And Christian Bale! He truly deserves that Oscar Award for the Best Supporting Role. Apparently he has lost tons of weight again to portray an ex-boxer who's also a crack addict...and he did it so well. Just can't imagine he was Bruce Wayne a.k.a Batman with dark, brooding and mysterious personality and in The fighter, he was just totally different. Oh, Marky Mark wasn't half bad at all (I have a huge crush on him now haha). I think choosing Amy Adams as his love interest was nice. Her role in this movie, surprises me too. I mean she was that sweet innocent princess in Enchanted but in The Fighter, she curses and fights. With that being said, I highly recommend  you guys to watch this movie!
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