Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Help Japan Posters

As you may have heard, there's been an 8.9 earthquake and tsunami devastating Japan very badly. The whole world is trying their best, to support and help over this terrible disaster. Even the community design has risen to do their part.

Such artists such as Hydro74, The Hejz especially James White aka Signalnoise has started a movement to help Japan by expresing their support with art. This are some samples of designers expressing their own support for the Japan Disaster Relief (via abduzeedo.com)

I do like the simplicity of these posters especially the first one. Simple and clear visual that sends a positive message. Unlike the cartoon that was published in Berita Harian recently pffft.


Santafire said...

ini boleh use ka ni? for public?
if ya, i wanna post it up on my web.

Vivien Dumpangol said...

i think should be ok as long as you don't forget to credit it :)