Monday, March 21, 2011

Lazy saturday & family love

Yes indeed. I had a lovely lazy Saturday and by lazy Saturday, it involves waking up late (well, not so late...10am doesn't seem so late right?), watched random cartoons on the telly (but I don't really find cartoons these days were as entertaining as before), late lunch on a rainy afternoon, hanging out with my friend in McDs while showing him the contents in my tumblr blog, read few chapters of the book I'm that I'm currently reading, watched a downloaded movie and re-runs of How I Met Your Mother and Two and A Half Men on the telly at midnight. Everything I did was not work related, hence my lazy Saturday was good! I do know I probably need to have a much more exciting life, since I haven't been going out on Saturday nights that often -___- But it's alright, I like staying in anyway.

On Sunday, I went over to Serdang with Mierah and Izrul to get some family love. But before that I decided to follow the lovebirds to this Norwegian Food Fair which was held in Empire, Subang. Actually it was my first time going in to yeah, what a n00b right? There was a photography exhibition called Norway At A Glance organised by the Royal Norwegian Embassy and dang, the photos were amazeballs it makes me wanna go and visit Norway!

We also got the chance to taste some Norweigan Salmon. I am a HUGE salmon fan, be it raw or cooked but the ones that I tasted during the fair was a little salty :( especially those inside the can (see photo below)
This is my favourite! Love it!
Church built by the vikings.

There was also a Korean Food Fair going on so we decided to check it out as well. I don't take spicy foods but I LOVE kimchi a lot. I could eat it everyday :D
Kimchi is love.
I haven't seen my cousins in a while since we're all busy doing our own stuffs but I wouldn't to have more family day/family bonding session every week. If only I have my own car here...sigh. Anyway, I wanna say thank you to my cousins for their love I don't know what I'd don't know without them here. It was a blessed weekend indeed. Now is another start for a brand new week. I'm glad my Visual Communication class is over! Which means more grading time and to finish all my pending stuffs (like the lecture kit). Hopefully more time to blog too hehe...

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