Friday, April 08, 2011

Book love

Hey lovelies if you do have a tumblr blog, please follow! The tumblr belongs to my friend Ken and he has posted some of his awesome illustrations there. Yes, I am envious of his talent! Hahaha.

There was a book fair organized by  Popular Bookstore, currently going on till April 17th in Sunway Pyramid. Decided to check the book fair out because I definitely can't say no to books! Saw this promotion of John Grisham's novels and I was like...Holy cow! Is this for real? Without hesitation, I called my brother up and told him whether he wanted any of the books because it was selling at a good reasonable price. Ended up getting two books and I got another surprise when I was at the counter to pay for the books.  Instead of paying RM36, I only had to pay RM19.70 for that two John Grisham books! Hell yeah for a second discount :D

Anyway, my brother better appreciate this because I am the best sister he'll ever have hahaha! I am planning to buy some books for  myself too but I'm not sure which books to get yet. But I wouldn't mind getting another Sophie Kinsella's book or Roald Dahl's to add in the collection.

These are mostly all the books that I have in my room here. YES, I have the entire Twilight collection. Now don't give me that shifty eyes hahaha. I don't own much intellectual books as you can see. The bottom right of the book shelf is where I store my Betty & Veronica comics :) If you're wondering whether I've read all these books...well, the answer is: I've read half of it. The rest still needs to wait.

Tomorrow I will be participating this 24 Hour Famine event in St. Ignatius Church in conjunction with the lent season. Not sure if I could survive without food for 24 hours but I *think* I am capable of doing it and I am also sure it will be worth it too. So wish me luck and have a good weekend everyone.

Random photos:
Muay Thai competition last weekend. 
I love my new teeth ring. Been wearing it a lot these days :)

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