Tuesday, April 05, 2011


This month started off with me writing down a list of things to do, mostly all the tasks that I need to finish at work before I take a one week break and head over to Jakarta end of the month! Yes, I am looking forward to this trip since it's been a while since I've travelled out of Malaysia. Actually, I hardly get the chance to travel out of Malaysia :( All I did last year was to fly back to Kota Kinabalu and also travelled to Penang for work. So this Jakarta trip is something that I am totally excited about. I've booked my air ticket since January together with my best friends since the air tix was cheap at that time and the thought of being able to travel with my besties excites me even more!

But here's the thing. Now I don't think both of my best friends are gonna make it for this trip. Both of them told me that they had problems with their leave getting approved and well...turns out, I haven't receive any good news from them till now. So here I am, being left clueless on this situation. Part of me felt kinda guilty because I was the one who sort of pushed them...okay, not exactly pushed but kinda convinced them to book the tix early for this trip and all of us agreed that we will go to Jakarta at the end of April. Then when I received the bad news, I have no choice but to think for a plan B...you know just in case.

If you're asking me what's my plan B? Well I will have to consider travelling solo style. Not that I really mind because I've done it once but the first time I did it, I was still in the same country. The past few weeks, I've been thinking about this. What if I really have to travel solo? Where should I stay? What should I do? How do I get to Bandung from Jakarta? All these might need a proper plan and I don't even sure if I have ALL the time to do this since my work has been piling up each and everyday -___- Another thing would be, what/how should I tell my mum if my friends aren't travelling with me anymore? I was thinking if I pray hard for a miracle to happen, I will feel a lil selfish *again* because I know there are a lof more important things that I should pray or even help to pray about. Sigh...such a dilemma huh?

On the other note, I also have other things to worry about like finishing the lecture kit for next semester's new syllabus, doing the tax (and I still have no idea how/what to do) and my students who are on the verge of failing their subjects. Life! You're being hard on me again and I don't like it. BOO! But let's just keep the positive vibes around shall we? Cos having negative thoughts would probably make things worse.

Anyho, I managed to watch Just Go With It last Saturday and the movie's pretty good! Jokes are decently funny and I liked the blonde girl saying, "The saddest day of my life was when N'SYNC broke up," Hahahaha! How has your day been?


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Santafire said...

asal adam sandler, i must watch :D mau pegi laini weekend.