Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Ladies let's go

A lil something that I did for my friend Elfie. This illustration is inspired by Jefferey Fulvimari's awesome illustrations. Somehow doing digital artwork seems to make life easier because everytime you accidentally made a mistake there's always the Command+Z key to the rescue! Anyway, I've heard that Justin Bieber has landed in KL! He's so near that my Bieber fever temperature is getting higher muahahaha. Please don't mind me being lame -___-

Term break has just started and I still have loads of stuff to do at work BUT after being crazy busy over the past two weeks, I *think* I deserve a little break hence the lazy mode is so on right now. I'm thinking about making a video blog tomorrow. Well, let's see if I'm up for it tonight. Hope you guys had a good Wednesday!

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