Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Power of the BIEBS

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The first time I knew about Justin Bieber was when I watched one of his homemade video and he was singing Usher's U Got It Bad. I thought he was really talented ofr a kid at such a young age. I didn't really bother to remember his name anyhow and it never occurred to me that that particular boy will be BIG soon. Then, during one of my break, I was back in my hometown and was hanging out with my cousins next door when suddenly I saw his video for the first time on MTV. Adik, my cousin was telling me that the boy's name is Justin Bieber and he also mentioned to me that Usher is in the video too.

I was  wondering why did Usher made a cameo in a teenage boy music video but then I thought maybe Usher is mentoring him. After reading few articles and news about Justin Bieber, then I realized that he's that boy in youtube! So anyway, I do actually find his song 'One Time' nice but when 'Baby' was released, that's when I told myself, "That's it! The song is really addictive and as much as I want to deny it, I like Justin Bieber!" Well, not in a falling in love kind of way but you know just...I like that boy!

Then I started to use him as an example for some of my classes in hope that my students will be a 'Belieber' but so far, no one was interested to be one hahaha. Guess they're all to cool to like Justin Bieber huh? I managed to watch Never Say Never 3D last Saturday all by myself...because Ivan didn't want to watch it with me -___- But it was alright because I really did enjoyed the movie! I'm even thinking of watching it for the second time, for real haha. I guess after watching the movie, it gave me a whole new respect to Justin Bieber for his talent in music. SALUTE! It's crazy how a small town boy can be this FAMOUS now and have fans all over the world.

I know some will squint their eyes and wonder why on earth a 27 year old adult would wanna listen to a teenager singing 'Baby, baby, baby, oh!' But I really don't see there's anything wrong with that. The other day Ivan mentioned that we are free to listen to whatever music that we like. It doesn't mean that, because we're designers we have to listen to indie/alternative music all the time. My brother doesn't listen to teen/pop/boyband music but prefers listening to punk rock music and all the other rock genres. But it doesn't mean I will not love him any less just because he don't prefer my music preferences right?

We are free to listen to whatever music that we like as long as were happy listening to it. So, if you think
Justin Bieber's music makes you happy, don't be afraid to say it! Hehehe...but if it annoys you, well...there are still other music genres for you to listen to.

I would recommend you guys to watch Never Say Never cos I personally enjoyed it so much. You know I was expecting all the tweens to scream or squeal in the cinema when they see Justin Bieber but surprisingly they didn't. Oh, so if you see Edward Cullen or a shirtless Jacob Black then you girls will scream la? Aiyooo....

Watch these two videos of JB surprising his fans. It is soooo cute and sweet. I want him to surprise me too! I mean, I know it's probably not gonna happen but never say never right? Hahaha. On the other note, I want his purple Supra as well...and with that I self declared that I am a Belieber!

P/S: I reaaaalllly want to go to his concert! Why does it have to fall on a Holy Thursday :(
Love it!


Santafire said...

I kinda not fancy JB because of his broods of fans. Not that I'm envious of that. It's just the same as I don't like vampires and their brood of fans (even before twilight; after twilight it got worse).

But nobody could deny JB's talent and success. I'd definitely watch never say never. just like i watched twilight.

Vivien Dumpangol said...

hehe yes, im not exactly a SUPER bieber fan as well...but i just like him and his songs. not gonna be those fangirls who will go crazy everytime they see bieber or the twilight peeps. too old for those stuff hahaha.

Arms said...

Blog hopping here ;)
The only reason I kinda salute this kid is because he plays wicked drums!

simone said...


Vivien Dumpangol said...

@arms: he's so good playing the drums!

@mone: bieber fever!!!!