Friday, April 29, 2011

Running runnning

5 Things On My To-Do List:
1. Finish up lecture slide for Design Fundamentals (Lesson 1).
2. Update lecture slide for Visual Communication subject.
3. Change moolah to Rupiah.
4. Re-stock food at home.
5. Pack and prepare for Jakarta.

5 Things I look Forward To:
1. Maroon 5 concert and hopefully they will sing my most favourite song, Sunday Morning!
2. Jakarta!
3. Bandung!
4. Hanging out with the girlfriends.
5. Watching the Royal Wedding hehe.

5 Things That Had Happened This Week (Mon till Today):
1. Attended a Speech & Presentation Workshop in college.
2. Watched Never Say Never 3D for the second time, much thanks to my fellow Belieber Azma.
3. Told Ivan about my super lame presentation about 'Why It Is Okay For Men To Cry'
4. Spring cleaned my room and the bathroom...well sorta.
5. Went to Chilis in Empire for lunch with the colleagues and had a real good meal BUT the price was bloody expensive *yikes*

As you can see, I am in the midst of finishing some of my important task at work so that when I am in Jakarta, I will not be thinking about work too much and also once the new semester starts, I won't be in panic attack mode. Simone and Eve had just arrived last night and it feels so nice to be able to see them again! Anyway, I have to be away from the blogsphere for a while since I am going to Jakarta tomorrow. Oh, have I mentioned to you that Simone's leave finally got approved? Unfortunately, Eve wasn't able to join us this time :( Looking forward for new experiences and also hope this trip will be legendary! I'll try to update again later, if time allows. But if I'm not able to, go read my tweets! Stay safe and have a blessed long weekend everyone.

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Santafire said...

ambil byk2 analogue shots in indon kays :3