Monday, April 18, 2011

24 hour famine

Two weeks ago, as I've mentioned in my blog, I attended the 24 Hour Famine event organised by the youths of RYM in St. Ignatius Church. I was actually contemplating whether I should go or not because I was supposed to work on that particular Saturday. But then, I heard my heart said, GO! JUST GO! Hahaha. So, I decided to go. Luckily enough, Ivan decided to go too so I was like yes! At least I have a friend to go with :) I have never tried fasting for 24 hours before so I've no idea if I even could manage not eating a meal or two within the 24 hours. Turns out, I managed to survive and get through it without much trouble.

So our day started with having breakfast in McDs, it was our first and last meal of the day. Then off to St. Ignatius to participate the event. There were a lot of 'talks' going on throughout the event. Some are interesting to hear and then some are...well, not exactly my cup of tea. I actually find the talk about 'Islamization' can be interesting if the speaker could speak more clearly and probably tell us about his own personal experience dealing with the Islam law instead of showing the slides which contain tons of text. But the talk that I enjoyed the most was definitely the homily that Fr. Simon gave during the midnight mass. The topics that he covered was interesting and insightful, it really made me want to listen to him more. I've always enjoyed his homily when I attend the Sunday Mass in SFX so I am glad that the youths invited him to conduct the mass during the event.

Besides all the talk, there were also some other activities like a group skit, late night concert and cell groups. Well, basically the youths planned out a lot of activities all through the 24 hours. But since I'm not getting any younger, I didn't managed to join in all the activities since my body was telling me to get some sleep plus I was having PMS on that day so...I needed the rest. Unfortunately I didn't get much sleep since the room I was sleeping in was crazy cold! felt like I was freezing to death, I'm not kidding! Plus I am so smart that I didn't even bother to bring a jacket or a blanket :( At one point, I really wanted to just go and sleep at the bench outside but I decided to brave myself and go through sleeping in cold.

All in all, I did enjoyed myself at this event. It actually made me felt happy for deciding to attend it. Although I know I'm not exactly a youth anymore, but the RYM youths are a nice bunch of people. Didn't made me feel awkward at all heh :D

Here are some photos, but I gotta warn you before hand, you will see a lot of Ivan's face because I am not really into taking photos of myself since I've gained weight and all -___-

This was taken during our break. We were walking around the church compound and
decided to snap some photos.
Jesus walks.
Group skit.
Late night concert. Started at 3am!
The next morning when we had a passover meal at the rooftop. Terrence (middle)
is one of the friendliest guys in RYM.
With Evelyn, Terrence's sister also one of the friendliest person to be with.
Ivan and Alan.
Ivan and Lil Damian.
Damian always has a smile on his face.
Alan, one of my group members. He's awesome!

I am officially done with all the gradings! I could've finished it earlier if I didn't have to wait for my students to submit their late projects. If I am a heartless bi*tch I would've just fail 'em but I believe in giving one more chance, because I was inspired by MJ's One More Chance song hahahahah. Ok that is sooooo LAME, I know. But yes, I did gave my students a chance but not all of them appreciate it pffft. Guess you guys will get an F then. So now I can focus on other things to do like preparing stuffs for next semester, do research for Jakarta (still VERY in dilemma about this), tackle on the income tax shizz and listen to MixFM everyday in hoping to win the Maroon 5 tix!

I was THIS close to win the tix today. I called, got through and answered the questions correctly but the DJ said it wasn't the cue to call yet! DANG. So close, yet so far. Oh, I also feel like going to Justin Bieber's concert because after watching Never Say Never on the cinema last Saturday, I am currently having Bieber Fever! Hahahaha. Yes, now you know I like him :D Will blog about that movie in the next post! Okay, I'm going home now. Later!

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