Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Apa khabar Bandung!

Hello from Bandung! Simone and I are currently in Rumah Mode doing a little shopping and now having tea time and using the free wifi here hehe. Typing this post using my iPod is not exactly that convenient but hey, at least it's a good device for travelling no?

My stay here so far has been pretty good. While in Jakarta I sort of became the co-babysitter for Simone's little cousins, which was fun by the way. Got the chance to do some drawings with the kids as well :) Oh, the people in Jakarta are super friendly. They always greet you with a smile and is always ready to help. Anyway, we might be visiting the craters tomorrow if we are able to arrange the transport by today. Bandung's traffic is insane! Like seriously!

Okay, hope I'll be able to do more updates soon! Take care people and have a blessed week.


Aminah Ambrose said...

Great.. must have done some shopping as u have been to Rumah Mode.. and in jakarta too many things to buy hehehe..
wishing you all a safe and pleasant trip.. enjoy and have a wonderful time n enjoy the mud bath at Tangkuban Parahu

Santafire said...

cepat balek dan cuci gambars!
sa mau souvenir film roll yg teda di sini punya XD