Thursday, May 26, 2011

Food glorious food in Indonesia

While in Indonesia, I got the chance to try out some nice foods over there. Some were just alright and then some were super yummeh! Especially the Sayur Lodeh that was cooked by the maid who was working for Simone's Aunt. Eggplant+long bean in coconut milk soup...what's not to love right?

From what I've observed, Indonesians seem to like fry stuff. Most of the time, the dishes that you've ordered comes with a piece of keropok or two. They spelled 'Mee' as 'Mie', chicken's feet is called 'ceker', duck is called 'bebek' and...everywhere I go, I seem to see a lot of stalls that sell Sup Buntut, Soto and Bakso. Oh, I also managed to try out two burger joints over there which was MOS Burger and Fat Burger. Heard a lot about MOS Burger from my colleagues but I've never tried it before since the nearest place to get MOS Burger here is to go to Singapore -__- It was pretty good! Well, let the photos do the talking now...
Handmade Mie Tarik(can't recall the name of the dish). Had this for dinner on the first night of arrival.
Can anyone tell me what Jagonya means?
On Sunday after Morning Mass, we headed over to Grand Indonesia (largest shopping mall in Jakarta) for lunch. The food court looked super luxurious btw.
Fro-Yo for dessert after that.
Cute logo :D
Fat Burger outlet in Senayan Mall.
Juicy burger! Yums.
Found this drink in FoodHall supermarket. Imagine if those basil seeds were tadpoles!
Had this for lunch when we first arrived in Bandung. Didn't actually liked this tough.
This dish is called Ayam Bakar Sambal Khas Majalaya. 
Lil Peanut was super excited to see all the foods! 
Sayur Lodeh!
Had it with rice and ikan masin. Absolutely YUMS.
Another yummeh dish. Meehoon Bakso. I really liked the handmade chicken meatballs.
Few packaging design photos that I managed to snap.
Chocolate flavoured condensed milk. Wonder how it taste like.


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