Sunday, May 29, 2011

The great defeat V.03

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So...early this morning was the final Champions League match between Manchester United and Barcelona. Felt like it was 2009 all over again, except some new players were bought in and then some old players remained. When I found out that Man Utd was gonna face Barca again for the Champs League final, I somehow felt that it was definitely not gonna be easy to defeat the Spanish League champs and in case you didn't know, Barca has Lionel Messi. Messi, as everyone has a Messiah and being a Messiah, he's just one insane player! But, of course I really want Man Utd to win this because they were defeated by Barca  in 2009 and since this year's Champs League final was held in Wembley Stadium, it would be great for my favourite team to win the title in their home ground!

Unfortunately, they were once again defeated by that damn super strong team, Barcelona. Kinda frustrating when I thought about it *sigh* There is no denying that Barca was really strong...they were attacking non-stop that I felt pity for Van Der Sar (seeing that it was his final game before retiring) and again, Lionel Messi...geez, how in the world can he always get to find a way and try to score a goal? RESPECT. So after Barca has two goals in hand, most non-Man Utd fans started posting stuffs on Facebook and Twitter like 'HAHAHAHA...Glory glory Barcelona' or No chance for an English team to win the title', etc...and the only respond I can give when I read those stuff was '-____-' and pfffffffft! Basically these kind of things were sooooo expected.

But, there's nothing we can do about it right? Win or lose, it's just part of the game. And, in my defense Manchester United had just won the Premier League title for the 19th time! At least that's something to be proud and happy about right? Plus some of the players like Chicharito, Rooney and Berbatov had a spectacular season too. Of course, they have yet to prove to the people that they can be European Champs again but...impossible is nothing. If it'll take years to defeat Barca, well bring it on! Every failure will definitely make them stronger and  unbreakable (like what Michael Jackson said hahah). Because as Manchester United fans, we should BELIEVE. So congratulations Barcelona for another win, there is no denying how great you guys were during the match. Fast pace attacking skills FTW! And Man Utd, you still did us proud. All the best for another brand new season. 20th title and Champs League...let's av it!


On the other note, I enjoyed watching the Champs League with my cousins last night...wanna say big thanks to Mierah and Iz, for the transportation part and Merl and the rest for the hospitality. I really miss having cousins bonding session and family love as well. Hope to do more of this soon! Oh, while watching Barcelona team lifting up their trophy, Mierah, Merl and I were ogling on this player, which we named 'Tan Boy' hahaha. (Real name's Ibrahim Afellay). Well, what can I say...we're women and we like men :P

(source: #barca)

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