Monday, May 09, 2011

Hands all over

Hello! I am finally back and it's another brand new semester here in the college. I was checking my class timetable while I was still in Indonesia and saw that my Monday class is Visual Communication *again* -____- When I reached home yesterday, I decided to re-check my timetable and just found out that the Visual Communication class only starts next week! Thank heavens for that because I wasn't that prepared to conduct a class today hehe.

I've got lots of photos to share though I kinda felt like I didn't managed to snap that much photos while I was in Indonesia. Lots of blog update to share as well...I just need a time to do so. Internet's been kinda slow in the office so I guess you guys have to be patient with me. Anyway, the day before Simone and I flew to Jakarta, we (including Eve and Ivan) went to watch Maroon 5 performing live in Putra Stadium, Bukit Jalil! I was super excited when I heard the news about them coming down for a concert. Blogged about it on January and boy was I glad to have attended the concert. It was AWESOME!

Adam Levine was good! I mean really really good. His voice sounded exactly like what you hear on their albums and I was pretty surprised on how good his stamina was. I mean every songs that he sang during the concert, he definitely gave his best. That was what I found super impressive about him. I kinda wished I was standing nearer to the stage so I could see him and the rest of the band members more clearly. Plus I really wanna see his tattoos!

I was so so so happy when they performed my most favourite song, Sunday Morning as the final song during the concert. That particular song reminded me so much of college times and how I would play it on repeat while doing my assignments. Anyway, I hope they'll come back to Malaysia again soon! Definitely wouldn't mind to see them again for the second time. Next concert to attend: Incubus!!!

Here are the list of songs in no particular order that Maroon 5 performed during the concert (I hope I did not miss any) : Misery, Give A Little More, Stutter, Never Gonna Leave This Bed, Hands All Over, If I Ever See Your Face Again, Makes Me Wonder, Wake Up Call, Won't Go Home Without You, Harder To Breathe, This Love, She Will Be Loved, Secret, Sunday Morning.

There's a video of 'em performing Wake Up Call below. Well, the video doesn't really do justice on Adam's voice because it wasn't a great quality vid. But hope you enjoy it!


simone said...

I second that. Maroon 5 was AWESOME. And it was more fun having being there at the concert with you girls screaming and jumping and dancing... So next concert Incubus???

Vivien Dumpangol said...

hell yeah! incubus! mesti kawan sya pigi kama hahahaha. yeap, fun to have you guys at the concert. at least ada juga kawan sya mau teriak-teriak hahaha.