Tuesday, May 17, 2011

In Bandung city

I do not know why everytime I have class on Mondays, it always ended up in a disaster...well sort of. It had happened to me so many times, I guess it's just my fate to have a 'disaster Monday' whenever the new semester starts. So yesterday's morning class was Visual Communication and for some odd reason, I was feeling extremely nervous about having to do my lecture. I mean it's not like I don't know my students...they (most of them) were either in my CG/Design classes before hence I had no idea why I still have butterflies in my stomach before entering the class. I don't know, it's probably because it was Monday and all pffft.

Halfway showing my students the slides, the damn projector inside the class decided to go cuckoo and I had to delay my class not once but like, 3 times! Hate it when all these tech problems happen. Kinda made me felt like I came unprepared for class but I guess, it didn't turned out that bad. I just tend to get paranoid sometimes, that's all. Today is a public holiday and well, I didn't do much but I am thankful for being able to sleep a little longer. I had to force myself to get up yesterday and it was torturing :/ Went to watch Lee DeWyze (American Idol 9 winner) with Ivan at Subang Parade in the afternoon and his live performance was good! Wait for the photos and video yeah?

Here's another batch of photos taken while I was in Bandung with Simone. We stayed there for 3 days and 2 nights. The hotel that we chose to stay was...how should I say this...erm, well we are definitely gonna choose a better hotel if we were to visit Bandung again! We got a room that was situated underground with no windows and no reception. The entire room was not well maintained and the toilet! Oh man, I kept telling Simone that it smelled like cockroach. I'm not kidding. But on the plus side, the TV has tons of channels, we even managed to watch Mr & Mrs Smith, Bounty Hunter and TLOTR :), the receptionist was nice and we also managed to rent a car to bring us around the city. The driver was a nice lad too.

Beside visiting Tangkuban Parahu, we went to visit few factory outlet stores to do some shopping. You'll be amazed on how beautiful the factory outlets are in Bandung! I thought it would somehow look like a warehouse but I was wrong! Anyway, enjoy the photos! Will blog about Jakarta soon. Gawd, internet's at home is seriously slower than a snail.

Famous drink in Indonesia. I love how they still use the vintage bottle. 
We had our first meal here. Just a walking distance from our hotel.
On the way to catch Angkutan Kota to Rumah Mode. Saw these schoolgirls walking home?
Eve mentioned to us that we should visit Rumah Mode and we did! 
On the way to Ci Walk for dinner.
If you are planning to visit Bandung, I would suggest you to stay around Cihampelas Road. Easy access for food and accomodation :) This is Cihampelas Walk btw.
Had dinner in this restaurant called Kiosk. Loved the interior but the Ayam Penyet that I ordered tasted...meh.
Told ya the factory outlets looked nice :)
On our last night, the driver took us to this place for dinner. It was situated quite far from the city but I do think this place is perfect for couples. 
We sat on the couch that's facing Bandung City.
Bikin Hidup Makin Mantap! Hahaha love the tagline.
Bandung city at night!

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