Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Moginum sampai ampai-ampai

3 years ago, I watched Kung Fu Panda 1 with my brother when he was still staying in KL. Missing those days man...anyway, I absolutely LOVED the movie...it's one of my favourite 3D animated movies after Shrek, The Incredibles and Tangled. When I knew part two is coming out, I told myself that I must watch the second installment of the movie no matter what. Well, I got the chance to watch it last Sunday with Ivan, his sisters and JLKY (name too long, so I'm just using initials la haha) in support of the charity fund organised by Assumption Church, PJ.

The verdict? Still LOVED it! One of the main thing I look forward was the very first part of the movie, the story telling part that comes together with a 2D animation. Super awesome and I LOVE LOVE LOVE all the illustrations, oriental designs and basically all the concept arts in the movie. The story was entertaining as well, a mixture of funny, sad and some 'awwww' moments. I loved Po's relationship with his goose father, somehow it reminded us to never forget and always love the people who has your back since day one. Oh, one of the new characters that I liked was the albino peacock, Lord Shen. Badass peacock :D Indeed it was a great movie!

(photo source: google.com)

Hope it's still not to late to wish fellow Sabahans Kotobian Tadau Tagazo Do Kaamatan. Another year of not celebrating Kaamatan at home. While everyone in Sabah are having nice looooong weekend, I and the rest of the people on the westside has to work -___- I guess the long weekend was a real good reason for kadazans to go moginum sampai ampai-ampai hahaha. Just heard that this year's Unduk Ngadau title goes to Bo Tiza Disimon. Penampang represent yo!

Back when I was still in high school, I always look forward to go to KDCA or the Cultural Centre during Kaamatan, you know 'cos back then, it was a cool thing and not forgetting the main reason is to 'cuci mata' pfffft. Can't believe I was that lame....but still, it was fun to go together with your friends and all. I think if I was able to go and celebrate Kaamatan again in KDCA in the coming years, I might have to think twice already since I kinda hate crowded places now. Getting old, that's why. Anyway, hope my family and friends had a good Kaamatan! Tomorrow is back to work, confirm semua kogutan (hangover) la ni hahahahaha.

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