Friday, May 27, 2011

Satchel love

I love bags...all types of 'em tough I don't really own that much of it. Plus I don't even have a designer's bag as well...not that I really want one at the moment. But these Cambridge Stachels are so so nice and it totally made me wanna own one! The design, the variety of colours! Totally love it. I've been looking for a nice satchel for a while. I did bought one from an online store once but I hardly use it now because the strap is not in a good condition now and I've yet to get it fixed. I don't mind getting this for my birthday but according to the website, the satchel cost £78 (about RM390)! I guess I can only lust for it at the moment lah.

(photos via weheartit & tumblr)

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