Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sweet Serendipity

I had Design Fundamentals class back to back today and man...I am just so tired of talking non-stop! Having to repeat whatever things that I've talked about in the morning for my afternoon class was just tiring. It made me wanted to drink a gallon of water and a few cups of coffee too. Apparently, the students during my afternoon class were all...not so great in giving any responses *sigh* When I asked them questions, all they did were to stare back at me without saying a word. Then I asked them again, "Don't you guys have any feelings or any emotions when you look at the design?" Again, no answer. 

I even tried asking them a lame question, "If Justin Bieber is standing right here in front of you all, would you be excited?" Still...not even a single answer I could get! So I basically gave up asking them any further questions since I knew it might be a little waste of time. Guess they're still pretty uncomfortable being in a different environment.  I should give 'em another week or two and after that, I am sure they'll be able to speak up or even try laughing at my attempt on making funny jokes :D Anyway, despite all of these, at the end of the class there was a student who came and thanked me sincerely for today's lesson. That was when my heart went 'Awwww' for a while hahaha. 

Okay so moving on to some other stuffs. Yesterday I managed to catch Lee DeWyze performing live in Subang Parade. There are 3 things that I should be thankful about yesterday. One, the venue of the performance was in Subang instead of in KL. Two, it was a free performance and three, I've got a friend to go with. The performance started at 4pm but we didn't managed to make it on time due to the heavy rain. We were sort of stuck in Empire and didn't had the guts to run over to Subang Parade and be drenched in rain. I HATED the thunder and lighting here with all my heart. It's just too scary! When we finally reached inside Subang Parade, Lee DeWyze's performance had already started halfway. But we still managed to watch him singing a few more songs before the autograph session started. I gotta say, his vocals were good! I'm pretty surprised as well. I didn't think that last year's American Idol was that great but I did hoped Lee DeWyze would win when he was in the finals together with Crystal Bowersox.

I am quite disappointed with this season's American Idol as well! Though I do like the new judges but all my favourite contestants whom I thought could have the potential to win were all eliminated. I might have a feeling that Scotty might win, heh. Well, nevertheless...Lee DeWyze was good. His songs in his albums are not bad as well. Besides Sweet Serendipity, which has been playing on the radio a lot these days, try listening to Live It Up, Beautiful Like You and Me & Jealousy. There's a video of him performing Sweet Serendipity below. Enjoy! Oh, Lee DeWyze also did performed his own rendition of Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah and I think he did a great job on it too.

Photos courtesy of yours truly and Ivan.


simone said...

Lee Dewyze!!!!! So did you get his autograph? Is he better looking in person? Oh man, I bet it was awesome hearing him singing live.

Vivien Dumpangol said...

nope didn't managed to get his autograph cos mau
beli album dia ni and i only have the *cough* pirated version muahahaha. he's really good singing live! and ya, he's better looking in person heheh.