Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Tangkuban Parahu

So I might have to divide several entries about my trip to Indonesia because as much as I wanted to blog everyday, I've got other things to tackle down first like catching up all my current favourite TV shows and work. Okay, tackling work is on top of the list right now because the new semester has just started and I really need to sort everything out like my lecture slides, course outlines, typing out project brief and some other academic stuffs that you might not be interested to know. I could use my time at home to blog but the internet line here sometimes can be slower than a snail so...again, do be patient yeah?

I shall start with the visit to Tangkuban Parahu on our (Simone and I) second day in Bandung. According to Wiki, Tangkuban Parahu is a dormant volcano and the last time it erupted was in year 1959. The main tourist attraction would be the crater and I have to agree that it did attract a lot of tourist to go all the way there just to see it. We started our journey as early as 8am and reached there about 1 hour later. The driver who brought us there was super nice to us, explaining bits and pieces about Tangkuban Parahu during the journey plus also warned us about the people who will approach us and ask to buy souvenirs as soon as we reach there. Indeed, there was A LOT of those people who will find their way to convince you to get souvenirs or even ask whether you wanted help to take photos of the crater. The trick on dealing with them is just to simply say no and ignore them politely.

Anyway, I had no idea Tangkuban Parahu can be soooo cold! It was probably about 13 Degrees up there and it was windy too. But, the view and the sky was amazing! So beautiful that my jaw literally dropped on the ground hahaha. Okay, that didn't happen but I can assure you the view was absolutely stunning.  There is a trail where you can follow to see the crater in different angles but we only walked on a really short trail and didn't really wanted to continue walking because I was already having acrophobia attack :P Tangkuban Parahu was the only tourist-y spot that Simone and I managed to venture although I wished we were able to visit other places like Kawah Putih, strawberry farm, the hot springs, etc but due to time constrain, we only could make it to Tangkuban Parahu only.

I shall now let the photos do the talking. Took some photos with my Ultra Wide Lens camera but I have yet to finish the do wait for the outcome! Just remember to wear a jacket or bring a pashmina if you're planning to visit Tangkuban Parahu :D

View larger version on my flickr album.

A lil tilt-shift effect :D
There were a lot of giant bonsai trees around. Love the formation of the trees!


Aminah Ambrose said...

nice pictures Vien.. :)

Ivan Ho said...

the fotos are clean & beautiful. LIKE !!!