Thursday, June 09, 2011


My blog's taking a lil break...not to worry, it's just for a short while until I can gather back my mind in one pace. This is gonna be a filler post with instagram photos that I took recently. I forsee a flu coming soon too so I guess a little break is good. BRB!
Love the type treatment for Fossil's window display.
Japanese ice-cream is the shiznit. Love this vanilla+choc chip flavour.
Dots & Lines assignment by a student. That owl totally made my day.
One of the crazy hot Sunday. Taken near SFX church.
Sunset on the way home from work.
Sunrise from KKIA.
Vintage postcard from USA via postcrossing.

Paper doilies...been looking for it for a while and finally found it in Daiso!

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Santafire said...

suka the v!ntage sign, owl n postcard.

syok la postcross. mau cuba la :D

get well soon!