Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Signal fire

Sharing some photos taken when I was back for the late Abang Andrew's funeral. I think one of the nicest thing about staying in a kampung is, whenever there is a funeral or any events (eg. wedding or gathering), the neighbours will definitely come and help out with everything they can. Well, of course not every people in my neighbourhood are considered 'nice', there are still people who are just...well, let's just say not so nice lah.

The men took over the cooking duties.
The chef and his assistant. Junior was actually showing Oliver the right way to potong daging hahaha.
Adorable grand-nieces! 
Funeral was held on Friday, June 3rd and the weather was insane! But, I still love the clear blue sky though.
Katam-katam session at night. 

Still have a few more photos that I've posted on Facebook, so these are the only ones that I am sharing in this blog. Kinda forgot to take photos with Simone and Eve, but just wanted to say thank you girls for coming :D Anyway, I've been hanging out with my cousins and getting some family love over the weekend and it has been fun! Seeing that I've been staying inside the cocoon, a.k.a my room most of the nights and only go out for drinks once in a while at the Malay stall outside. So, it's been kinda nice to go out again and hang out with the people I love.


Santafire said...

rindunya saya main itu judi game!
mana ur family beli tu???

Vivien Dumpangol said...

hahaha...actually dorang yang datang sendiri tu minta request kalau buli buka meja katam-katam...my dad had it when i was a kid but now tia tau suda mana.