Monday, June 27, 2011

Sometimes all you need is some family love

The past two weeks has been a pretty good week for me despite being all tired from work and lack of proper sleep. My neck hurts sooooo bad right now, I really want to go and get a massage pronto! But I shouldn't be complaining about this because for the past two weeks, I got the chance to hang out with my cousins and getting some family love. Not easy for me to get family love here since I don't stay with my family :( So spending time with them (the cousins) always make me feel like home again. ALWAYS! Also not forgetting, hanging out with Ivan is great too although I think he's slowly abandoning me for his bros...bromance alert! Hahaha, kidding.

Oh, last Saturday John Morrison and Melina, two wrestlers of WWE had an autograph session with the fans in Pyramid! You should know by now that I was a huge wrestling fan back in high school but stopped watching it during college time because I had no TV in my rented home. I do get to watch it once in a while now at the Malay stall outside the condo I'm staying. Apparently, the owner and his workers are pretty big fan of WWE. So yeah, I was excited when I saw John Morrison in flesh! That was like my first EVER wrestling superstar that I've ever met although he's not as big as The Rock, Triple H, Steve Austin or John Cena but still...he's in WWE! I don't really know who Melina (WWE Diva) is...I get annoyed whenever those divas come out for a match on Smackdown or Raw hahaha.

Sharing random photos taken from the past two weeks :)

Mierah and I at The Curve, right after watching The Green Lantern.
Wedding gift for Debbie & Joshua. The main reason why I bought the paper doilies are for gift wrapping purpose.
Attended Joshua & Debbie's wedding in SIC. This was actually my first church wedding that I've ever attended in KL. Love Debbie's wedding gown btw.
A|X model having lunch outside the church's compund.
I got nothing but love for my rings hahaha.
With Audrey.
Dua budak kici.
John Morrison and Melina! John Morrison looks like a rock star man.
Ivan and Jeff. This was taken yesterday...when we visited TJ's new restaurant in Puchong. 
Another one with Audrey.
Haven't been using my Fuji instax camera for a while...dont mind my nail, I have a really bad habit biting 'em.

On the other note, I hope my cousins are coping well with the loss of their's NEVER gonna be easy but all I can do to help is to lend them my prayers and thoughts. As long as they are able to stay positive, count their blessings and live life, they should be A-OK. Anyway, I am glad that I don't have any classes this week since it's 'exploration week'. But looking at the works that I have to grade,'s not so exciting to get a week's break after all haha. Nevertheless, I shall try my very best to have it done before the weekend! Hope your Monday wasn't a blue one today...I had a hard time waking up today since it was raining in the morning and I was feeling sleepy and bored during the department's meeting just now. Thank God for literally saved my life.

Aight, I'm off to meet the cousins! Have a good week everyone. Stay blessed.

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