Friday, June 24, 2011

You've got mail

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1. Designed a wedding card for Debbie & Joshua and gave it to them last Saturday 2. Had an extra card so I decided to make it as a postcard and send it for postcrossing 3. Received a vintage postcard from Finland. I am so in love with it 4. Cute pumpkin stamp! 5. Sending out my first mail art all the way to the UK!

Remember those days when sending and receiving letters via snail mail was something that you can get excited about? The anticipation that you have while waiting for your letter to arrive to its recipient or the joy that you get when you open your mailbox and finding out you've got mail. I used to have several pen-pals when I was in high school and also swap-pals. Swap-pals are people who swap things to each other, well in my case I usually swap celebrity posters to 'em and they'll do the same in return. Among all my pen pals that I had in high school, there are two whom I correspond frequently until I left high school and after that I don't know where and how are they doing now. But one of them recently added me in Facebook so it has been nice to 'reconcile' with a long lost pen-pal once again. I've yet to find my other pen-pal...wonder where is she now.

Anyway, last year when I turned 26, I created a list called '26 Before 27'. Basically, it's a list of things that I wanna do before I turn 27, which is in about 6 months time. One of the things that I wanna do on the list is to send letters, cards or gifts to friends/blogger friends/random people via snail mail. So far, it has been going on pretty good. started off with sending Easter cards for my ex-NZ classmates, Aini and Patric and then I recently sent two owl badges to Sky and Ming after my Indonesia trip. I am also currently going back to being active at postcrossing after about 6 months going on hiatus. But I am running low on postcards right now...I don't really fancy the postcards that are being sold here. Still prefer postcards that are sold in KK. At least the photos of Mount KK, islands and even the orang-utans are nicer, in my point of view. Probably gonna start making my own soon.

Another thing that I am excited to join is this Mix Share Swap, where you create your own Mix CD and send it to random people. Can't wait! I guess I am just trying to occupy my free time in doing something else rather than watching TV shows all the time when I'm home. I think it is time to re-start my engine again and do more and more artsy fartsy stuff before the year ends.

If you're interested in doing some 'mail art', head over to these two blogs for inspiration and more info:

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